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2024 International development timeline

Published 20 December 2023 in News

Looking for all the major upcoming events and meetings on international development and the Sustainable Development Goals ? Look no further !


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What are the milestones for the Sustainable Development Goals agenda in 2024?

  • The G7 Heads of State Summit will be held from June 13 to 15 📆 in Borgo Egnazia, Italy. This will be the opportunity for the Group of Seven to discuss and find coordinated solutions to address global issues, specifically for climate change.

  • In July 2024 📆, the Olympic Games will provide an opportunity for France to organize a sequence focusing on sustainable development goals and mobilize the international community on thematics such as health, nutrition and education.

  • The Summit of the Future will be held in New York on the 22 and 23 of September 📆 , during the UN General Assembly. It will be the opportunity to gather the international community on the role of the UN on multilateralism.

  • The 29th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) will take place from September 11 to 22 📆 in Bakou, the capital of Azerbaijan. The State Parties will notably negotiate a new collective goal for climate financing, the amount that rich countries commit to pay each year to the most vulnerable countries in order to support them to fight climate change.