Focus 2030
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Our vision

Focus 2030’s aim is to help keep international development on the agenda - for decision-makers, media and citizens. We work with development community actors to promote concrete and effective measures against global poverty and inequality.

It seems obvious that, regardless where we live, our success and wellbeing can only be collective. The fate of individuals, nation states, and the planet are intricately - and increasingly - linked. Logically this means redoubling our effort to continue the progress made through international development cooperation in the the last 20 years.

And yet what we are seeing instead is a temptation for withdrawal, a weakening of multilateralism, a rekindling of nationalism, and each for their own.

Faced with current and future global challenges, we believe that urgent and collective action is needed to leave no-one behind.

This of course is the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals, a series of 17 objectives fixed by the United Nations and adopted by 193 countries. The Goals were created to guarantee a better life for everyone, and as a basis for a more stable, environmentally-friendly, and equal world by 2030.

Our mission

Focus 2030’s intention is to ensure an informed debate on international development questions and the fight against inequality.

Our mission is to boost the impact, visibility and influence of the international development community through providing support in three areas: communication, mobilisation and advocacy with public institutions.

Our work is structured around three main axes:

Investigate and analyse

We produce and analyse qualitatives and quantitatives data on development issues: opinion polls, facts and figures.
Support and accompany

We support and finance innovative campaigns and research on the Sustainable Development Goals and development financing.
Come together and share

We organise regular meetings of the development community in order to share best practice, ideas, and build joint action together.

Focus 2030 works mainly in France and Spain.

Dialogue and partnerships

Dialogue, benefit-sharing and partnerships are at the core of our mission. We work closely with the development community and a range of actors, whether government (bilateral agencies, ministries, other public institutions) or non-government (NGOs, think tanks, research institutions, or civil society), involving them regularly in our different activities.

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