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Gender equality: domestic views vs. global concerns

Published 11 September 2019 in Surveys

French opinions compared to American, British and German views

Our presentation offers a selection of French views about gender equality, some of which are presented in comparison with the data gathered on American, British and German opinions. Some questions analyse views on gender equality domestically, while others look into opinions on gender issues at a global level.

Here are the key findings which emerge from this analysis:

  • Women are more likely than men to acknowledge gender inequality in their own country.
  • Center and left-wing supporters more or less share the same opinions and perception about gender equality issues in their own country.
  • Probably due to factual differences between French, German, British and American situations, opinions and perceptions are different in the 4 countries, although general trends are the same.
  • Education is a good incentive for promoting gender equality as a worthwhile or relevant investment.
  • About 27% of French respondents are worried about (the perception of) ethnocentrism in tackling gender equality: a difference between a developed-country definition or implementation of gender equality compared to local cultures or practices in developing countries.
  • Fighting gender-based violence and giving the same professional opportunities to women are seen as top priorities.
  • There is very strong support for the (French) project of feminist diplomacy, as well as proposal to fund feminist or women’s rights organisations: gender equality is a matter of diplomacy and law.

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Gender equality according to French opinions and German, British and American perceptions: domestic views vs. global challenges