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Générations Féministes (Feminist Generations), a civil society movement aiming to make the Generation Equality Forum a historic milestone for gender equality

Published 18 January 2021 in News

Générations Féministes (Feminist Generations) is a movement which brings together around fifty different civil society organisations. The movement is working together to make sure that feminist voices are heard at the Generation Equality Forum, and to ensure the Forum is a major political milestone for gender equality and feminism.

Member organisations of the movement meet in plenary sessions and through separate working groups. The movement is coordinated through a secretariat, made up of five organisations: l’Association d’Aide à l’Éducation de l’Enfant Handicapé - AAEEH, CARE France, Equipop, the Mediterranean Women’s Fund, and le Planning Familial.


Feminist mobilisation has never been more louder, or more visible. And yet challenges to women’s rights have never been greater. This is the context in which Paris will host the Generation Equality Forum in June 2021. The Forum, delayed by a year due to the pandemic, marks 25 years since the landmark Beijing World Conference on Women in 1995.

The Forum has the potential to be a historic milestone on women’s rights, and lead to real structural change to enable feminist public policy.

Originally intended to bring together 7000 people, notably representatives of international civil society, the Forum is now due to take place on a smaller scale. This makes the months leading up to the Forum all the more important for mobilisation and awareness-raising.


The Générations Féministes mobilisation is part of an advocacy strategy aimed at providing a feminist lens for public policy, as well as ensuring that all the different feminist organisations participate and are represented in the co-construction of the Generation Equality Forum. The advocacy strategy also aims to increase funds for feminist organisations.

The Générations Féministes movement uses an inclusive, intergenerational and intersectional approach to achieve these goals.

Working across French and international feminist groups, the Générations Féministes movement aims to ensure integration of feminist positions across policy areas which have previously lacked coherence, such as France’s foreign or domestic policies, or policies on women’s rights.

Main action

Throughout 2021, the Générations Féministes movement will be working to:

  • Build advocacy actions to ensure that the Generation Equality Forum is a historic moment.
  • Deliver a communication campaign aimed at the public and the media to promote the movement’s positions.
  • Produce briefs to contribute to work carried out by the Generation Equality Forum and its six Action Coalitions.

A Focus 2030 partnership - the Générations Féministes movement

In order to ensure that the Generation Equality Forum is at the top of the political, media and public agenda in 2021, and to support accelerated efforts to achieve gender equality (Sustainable Development Objective n°5), Focus 2030 is partnering with the Génération Féministes movement to provide financial support for the implementation of the project, and information and data on the Forum itself.

Members of the Générations Féministes movement

  • ACT-DTour
  • Action contre la Faim
  • Action Santé Mondiale
  • Alliance des avocats pour les droits de l’homme
  • Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain
  • Amnesty International France
  • Association d’Aide à l’Education de l’Enfant Handicapé (AAEEH)
  • Association Transat
  • Biodiversity For Peace
  • CARE France
  • Collectif Les Grenades
  • Collectif NousToutes
  • Comite Internationale Peruano CIP-ASBL
  • Coordination SUD
  • Droits humains pour tou·te·s
  • Empow’Her
  • En avant toute(s)
  • Engagé.e.s et Déterminé.e.s (E&D)
  • Equipop
  • Excision, parlons-en !
  • Fédération Parapluie Rouge
  • Femmes de demain
  • Fonds pour les Femmes en Méditerranée
  • Humanity Diaspo
  • IFD
  • Inclusive Society
  • Institut du Genre en Géopolitique
  • Ipas
  • La Minutieuse
  • Le Planning Familial
  • Le viol parlons-en by Mrs K
  • Les orchidées rouges
  • Les Passerelles des savoirs
  • Médecins du Monde
  • MINA’s Talents
  • ONE
  • UN Women France
  • Oxfam France
  • Plan international France
  • Planning Familial
  • Sème en Terre
  • Sidaction
  • Sortons de l’ombre
  • Transtopie
  • UNICEF France
  • Voix de Femmes
  • WECF France
  • Women Included

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