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50-50 Magazine : Putting the Generation equality forum on the Feminist agenda

Published 21 April 2020 in News

From February 2020 to June 2021, the 50-50 magazine will be covering the news around the Generation equality forum to be held in Mexico end of March, and in Paris in June 2021


In September 1995, close to 50 000 people, 189 governments and thousands of NGOs met in Beijing for the 4th international conference on women. This landmark UN conference concluded with the adoption of an ambitious and progressive program : "the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action" setting out twelve actions to be taken to address 12 critical issues : poverty, health, education, violence, armed conflict, economy, access to power, institutional promotion, human rights, media coverage, environment, young girls.
Since then and given the changing positions of States on these issues, no new conference has been organized for fear of rolling back the Beijing commitments.

In 2021, and for the first time in 26 years, the Equality Generation Forum will be held, co-organized by France and Mexico and under the chairmanship of UN Women which will start in Mexico City end of March and will conclude in Paris in June, 2021. This International Forum will bring together representatives from many countries, both from governments (at the level of Heads of State) and civil society.

Let us keep in mind that according to the last report of the World Economic Forum,

At the current rate, it would take 100 years to achieve gender equality in the world.

Also, the Generation Equality Forum undoubtedly constitutes a unique opportunity to be seized to concretely advance the rights of women through strong financial and political commitments and accelerate progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The project

As part of a grant from the Focus 2030Rapid Reaction Fund, 50-50 magazine will independently cover the issues on the official Forum agenda and those brought by associations mobilized around the Forum, with particular attention to the international level, sexual and reproductive rights, mother and child health, violence against women, women’s financial empowerment ...
In order to put this Forum on the citizens’ agenda, 50-50 magazine intends to give a voice to a large number of women, and men who work on a daily basis on gender equality issues around the world:

  • Associations, social movements and NGOs involved
  • Researchers and academics able to decipher the major issues and obstacles to equal access to health, education, income, positions of responsibility, and the evolution of women’s rights around the world
  • Influential personalities, who through their political, social and cultural actions intend to contribute to a more egalitarian world.

The articles covering the Generation Equality Forum (in french)

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