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"Handprints": participative street art celebrating the Sustainable Development Goals

Published 17 September 2019 in News

Focus 2030 is proud to be a partner for the "Handprints" street art project, designed and run by French non-profit organisation 4D.

My handprint, my commitment!

In the run up to the 4th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and international SDG day on 25 September, the French non-profit organisation 4D, has organized a large participative street art project called "Handprints".

Street artists CREY132, COMER OBK, JUNGLE RAID DOG will be creating a series of 17 panels, each one mirroring one of the 17 SDGs. The public and passersby will be invited to leave their handprint to create a giant mural celebrating the SDGs - and commit individually to take action on the SDGs.

Join us! 20-25th September 2019 on the banks of the river Seine in Paris (11 quai Anatole France)

’Handprints’: campaign teaser

4D is a think tank created in 1993 to promote the implémentation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 4D develops new tools to strengthen co-responsibility, ownership and accountability for everyone in meeting the SDG objectives. They also organise a range of different public and civil society events, such as debates or training, as well as research. 4D works with the general public, civil society, local authorities, elected officials and government officials.


The SDGs are little known by the public, and yet they are the only internationally-recognised framework on sustainable development applicable both nationally (i.e. in France) and to all of the other UN member states worldwide.

Adopted by the 193 UN member states on 25 September 2015, the SDGs represent a unique and ambitious roadmap to making the world and our societies more equal, just and sustainable.

In order to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to make these incredible Goals become reality - saving or improving the lives of millions all over the planet - we must ensure that the SDGs are promoted, debated, defended, and mainstreamed into our public policies. They must also be integrated more broadly into both private and civil society sector work, and all of our every day lives.

Evert year, month, day, hour and second that goes by without the necessary action needed on the SDGs is a tragedy for the planet, and each and everyone of the world’s citizens, especiallly the poorest.


  • Promote the SDGs among the French general public, by providing an easy and visual way to get involved. Only 9% of French people have heard of the SDGs. 4D’s project aims to provide a fun, interactive display to raise awareness on the framework, and build the link between governmental commitments and citizens’ actions.
  • Mobilise the media and influential figures to increase visibility and attention to the SDGs.

Main actions

  • Creation of a giant interactive mural on the SDGs
  • A participative street-art project, with panels created by famous French street-artists
  • Workshops and activities over five days to build awareness, run by 4D’s partners and volunteers
  • Media and press coverage, notably through French national television channel TF1
  • Panels and mural created and on show up until the next UN climate conference COP 25 (December 2019) at the couvent des Récollets (Paris).

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