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Increasing or decreasing Official Development Assistance: a matter of political opinion

Published 7 August 2018 in Surveys

While 61% of French people identifying as "very left-wing" consider that France should increase its Official Development Aid, only 10% of French identifying as "very right-wing" agree with this idea.

The desire to see an increase in the percentage of French national wealth (GNI) dedicated to Official Development Assistance gradually decreases as political opinions shift to the right.

In terms of development aid, center-voters more often share the point of view of left-wing voters than that of right-wing voters, who are mostly resistant to an increase, and strongly in favor of a reduction in official development aid.

This data comes from our survey conducted by the YouGov Institute and piloted by the research team at University College London and Birmingham University as part of the project Aid Attitudes Tracker which measures the evolution of opinions and behaviors on issues of international solidarity in four countries.