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Projects financed by the
Rapid Reaction Fund

Focus 2030 recently created a Rapid Reaction Fund, financed from our own budget, to support promising and innovative campaigns or projects which aim to boost understanding and support for aid and the Sustainable Development Goals among the public, the media and policy-makers.

2020 "Mettre à l’agenda féministe le Forum Génération Égalité (Putting the Generation equality forum on the Feminist agenda)"

a project led by

8 months and 50 articles to cover the Generation Equality Forum

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2019 "Empreintes (Fingerprints)"

a project led by

A participatory street art performance to educate citizens about the Sustainable development goals
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2019 "Carnets de santé (A handbook on health)" a project run by

Portraits of initiatives to improve access to health care in Africa

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2018 "Gender mainstreaming" a project run by

Mainstreaming gender equality in French civil society advocacy in the run-up to the French G7 Presidency

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