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A quarter of French people under 24 have done voluntary work in support of international development

Published 20 August 2018 in Surveys

26% of French people under the age of 24 have already volunteered in France to support projects related to the development of the poorest countries, compared to 16% of French people over 50 years old.

At the national level, almost 20% of French people have already volunteered in France for activities supporting developing countries.
When asked about volunteering in a foreign country, this figure drops to 11%.

Left-wing voters and supporters of the center share the same sensitivity to volunteering to help the poorest populations.

This data comes from our survey conducted by the YouGov Institute and piloted by the research team at University College London and Birmingham University as part of the project Aid Attitudes Tracker which measures the evolution of opinions and behaviors on issues of international solidarity in four countries.