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French engagement on world poverty

The commitment of French people to international solidarity is analyzed by aggregating a certain number of measurable behaviors. In the Aid Attitudes Tracker project, French people are asked about the occurrence and/or frequency of certain actions. For example:

  • "You gave money to a specialist organization working on the issue"
  • "You have raised money by asking for donations from others for a cause in which you are involved (such as a charity, or a trip)"
  • "You have been a volunteer in France, within a specialist organization working on the issue"
  • "You have volunteered abroad, in a a specialist organization working on the issue"
  • "You bought products/services or boycotted products/services related to the issue"
  • "You organized or helped to create a community focused on the issue, whether online or not"
  • "You have contacted a parliamentary representative (MP, Senator) or another elected representative online by clicking on a petition or via Twitter, Facebook or other social networks."
  • "You participated in a march, rally, occupation or other large-scale event on the issue"}
  • ... / ...

The statistical aggregation of these behaviors according to their frequency makes it possible to define five levels of support for international solidarity by French people:

  • Totally disengaged
  • Not very engaged
  • Informed
  • Moderately committed
  • Very committed

Using this framework, a certain number of opinions are analyzed. This enables us to measure the importance of support, however modest, in the forming of opinions or knowledge regarding international solidarity.