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Helping those in poor countries: a particular priority for European citizens

Published 26 August 2019 in Surveys

A large majority of European citizens think that it is very or quite important to help people in developing countries.

This overwhelmingly majority opinion does not however delve into the detail of what European citizens would be willing to do for the poorest people in developing countries. It does, however, clearly show that they are neither indifferent nor insensitive to the daily lives and struggle of the poor in developing countries.

This question also has a very high response rate, with less than 4% of respondents saying that they "don’t know".

Among the countries chosen for this graph, we can see that French people have the highest number of those who do not think it is important to help people in developing countries. This is above the European average (9%). The Estonians are the least willing to say that it is important to help poor countries. The lowest number for this return was for those from Luxembourg and Sweden (2%).

Those European countries with the biggest or most-thriving economies are those who are the most likely to say it is important to help developing countries. France and Italy are the two exceptions to this.

Opinion poll carried out on line by TNS Opinion and Social for the European Commission - Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development. This study was also coordinated by the European Commission Directorate General for Communication.
Eurobarometer Special 476 - wave EB89.3. Carried out between 21 June and 6 July 2018. Published Septembre 2018.
Opinion poll based on answers from 27732 respondents from all 28 countries, representative of the adult population of each country, ie 1035 people in Spain. Source: