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The fight against Aids, TB and Malaria: a G7 priority for 67% of French people

Published 27 August 2019 in Surveys

67% of French people agree that France should put the fight against ’major pandemics’ on the 2019 G7 agenda. This support is visible across the different socio-economic and political categories of respondents. French people therefore appear to strongly support international action through the G7 to tackle Aids, TB and Malaria.

Those most strongly supporting this idea are aged over 50. This group also is the most likely to have an opinion on the issue, compared to the 18-49 age groups, 20% of whom say they do not have a view.

Using the G7 to tackle major pandemics gains more support from mainstream-left voters, whereas far-left voters align with center-voters on this issue.

This data comes from our survey conducted by the YouGov Institute and piloted by the research team at University College London and the University of Birmingham as part of the project Aid Attitudes Tracker which measures the evolution of opinions and behaviors on issues of international solidarity in four countries.