Focus 2030
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The principles which guide our action

Published 27 August 2019

At Focus 2030, we are committed to the following principles which underpin the ethics of our work and partnerships.

Our organisation aims to promote greater international solidarity, essential for achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Making a difference to the poorest and most vulnerable people, promoting human rights, and ensuring citizen participation in public policy-making is at the heart of our vision and mission.

The quality and accuracy of our data and publications are of upmost importance to us. We are committed to following a rigorous and scientific approach in all of our studies and analyses. We will also fight against the manipulation of information and particularly attempts to use the poorest and most vulnerable populations for political ends.

Faced with the urgency to take action, we must ensure that those actions have impact. Measuring impact is at the heart of all of our programmes, which are built around qualitative and quantitative indicators to ensure effective implementation and the ability to analyse and learn from the results.

Every successful result is to be celebrated. But we also intend to
go beyond the tried-and-tested to support innovative approaches, and learn new ways of achieving our objectives - as well as understanding what can be done better. Innovation is also at the heart of our work.

Focus 2030’s work is in support of international solidarity. Our actions will be in line with that goal, adapting as necessary to meet it. We are committed to working for the public good and to maintaining our independence with regards political parties, public institutions and the private sector.

There is no time for wasting time. We must work together and share ideas, knowledge, and best practice. We are committed to ensuring that everything we produce is under Creative Commons license.

Respect for our partners’ right of initiative
We are all independent organisations, and responsible for the decisions taken internally by our governing structures and members. At Focus 2030 we are guided by the principle of interaction. Above all we respect and underline each organisation’s right of initiative, recognizing and valuing our partners’ vision, expertise and know-how.

Cooperation between actors is essential to achieve change on the necessary scale. Given the global challenges we face, we have a responsibility to go beyond individual action and work collectively to do more, and better, together.