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Published 26 May 2020 in News

Let’s not reinvent the wheel! It’s time to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda!

This is the message our partner, the Elyx Foundation and its eponymous animated character want to convey, through a major poster campaign throughout all the train and metro stations in France, from May 25th, 2020. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and the urgency of their achievement.

This much welcomed advocacy initiative invites governments, communities, businesses and citizens to take hold of the 2030 Agenda. This initiative is supported by Régie Media Transports, the United Nations Regional Information Center and our organization, Focus 2030.

The COVID-19 crisis highlights the growing interconnectedness of our world. The 2030 Agenda, with its cross-cutting approach to global issues, is more fundamental than ever before

The COVID-19 pandemic proves how much our world is interdependent and vulnerable.
As potential solutions are emerging to successfully overcome the crisis and reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of the pandemic, people are questioning themselves on what the « day after » should look like.

The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by 193 countries in 2015, without a doubt the only roadmap that should be taken into account when defining the public policies and actions that will be carried out by governments, civil society organizations, businesses and citizens to address the pandemic.

This roadmap that sets out 17 objectives to be achieved by 2030 in order to leave no one behind, was adopted by the United Nations after an extensive consultation process with NGOs, researchers, international organizations, governments, and civil movements. This roadmap takes into account the deep-rooted links between poverty and inequalities, hunger, access to health, education, water, gender equality, responsible consumption, environmental protection and climate change.

Therefore, to respond to the current crisis, an ambitious and costed action plan, the progress of which is quantifiable, which requires coordinated action from the local to the international level, already exists.
Once again, it is imperative to aknowledge that in a world of 7 billion people, only multilateral action on a global scale will have the potential to make a difference.

That said, let’s not reinvent the wheel, let’s implement this action plan immediately!

17 SDGs – 17 injustices to fight

The international community, including France, has already committed to implementing the necessary actions to achieve these 17 objectives, representing 17 injustices that need to be tackled by 2030.

Here are 17 facts and figures to illustrate some of the most flagrant inequalities that persist on a global scale. These remind us there is still a long way to go over the next 10 years to accomplish these Global Goals.

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