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French priorities for the G7 internationally: mirroring what matters most at home?

Published 2 September 2019 in Surveys

Though the G7 is an international group, dealing with problems on a global scale, the priority questions which French people would like the G7 to tackle unsurprisingly mirror those which dominate discussion, or those whose impact is most greatly felt, on a national level in France.

This is the case notably for the fight against terrorism, seen as an everyday security priority by 43% of French people, undoubtedly following the relatively recent terrorist attacks which have shaken France in recent years. It is also the case for state finances through greater taxation of multinational corporations (39%) as well as a high level of concern for the environment (37%).

Compared with these concerns, the more classic subjects related to development and international solidarity receive less attention, such as global hunger (34%), access to education in Africa (31%), women’s rights globally (27%), social protection in developing countries (23%), health in developing countries (27%), or reducing the gender pay gap (26%).

Taxation on multinational companies or finance to tackle climate change, according to age, political preference or level of education

The importance given to taxation of multinational corporations might seem surprising, but it illustrates the interest in this issue domestically following demands from several French NGOs as well as the "GAFA" tax suggested by the French Finance and Economy Minister for the G7 discussions.

When it comes to ranking the different subjects which France should put on the agenda for the G7 in Biarritz in August 2019, those who voted for Emmanuel Macron and those who voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon (far-left candidate) in the first round of the 2017 presidential election are those who are by the most in favor of taxing the multinational corporations (45%). They are followed by voters for Benoît Hamon (mainstream left) and for François Fillon (mainstream right) with an identical rate of 34%, very similar to views of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen (37%).

We note also that support for greater taxation of multinationals can be positively correlated with age of respondents.

In 3rd position of French priorities is financing the fight against climate change. This is a priority which tends to find less favour with older people, but increasing support as the level of income of respondents goes up. But perhaps surprisingly, more center-voters think this is a priority than left-wing voters (44% compared to 40%).

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